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11 September, 2013

Signal Boost - Have You Done Your Kegels Lately?

Did you know that both women and men can do kegel exercises?

If you're suffering from event or age related sexual dysfunctions and frustrations, whether you're recovering from childbirth, surgery, going through menopause, or experiencing weaker erections - you should be doing kegels.  Eventually we will all suffer from age related sexual woes, and kegels can help turn back the clock.

If you're young - kegels are still for you!  You can make sex better for you and your partner.  Not only will you have a tight vagina or a firm erection, you can prevent issues like incontinence from ever happening.

Note -  Open the infographic below in a new tab or window (and view at 100% or better), if my site layout is making viewing difficult for you.  Or you can click on the image to view it at  Sorry for the trouble.

EdenFantasys Presents: Better Sex Starts Here! Your Guide to Kegels

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  1. Sorry, I know this infographic is not playing nicely with my site layout - but if you right click on the picture and 'open link in new tab' or new window, you can see it better. You may have to make sure you're viewing at 100%, though.