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29 August, 2013

Review - Toy's Heart Over Dvibe Rabbit Vibrator & Buying Sex Toys in Tokyo

Toy's Heart 'Over Dvibe' rabbit-style vibrator is one I picked up in Tokyo, Japan last year from one of the sex shops near Akihabara station (may have been M's, though I popped into 2 or 3 other adult stores).  It comes in pink and black, and I purchased the black one.  Toy's Heart makes a number of different adult products in Japan, especially sex toys and masturbation cups.

Over Dvibe is about mid-cost for a rabbit vibrator, at around $70, and a very typical example of a Japanese rabbit vibrator.  It is slightly unusual in that it's a "extra-deep" model, for women with longer vaginas.  In fact, I think the D in Dvibe refers to Deep.  If you look carefully at rabbit type vibrators, you will notice that no matter where they are from, the shaft portion of the vibrator in it's total "usable" length from where the rabbit or other animal clit vibrator attachment attaches comes in different lengths.

When you are shopping for this style of vibrator it's important to have some idea of your (or your lover's) vagina length so you can try to pick one that is an ideal size for you.  You will need to more or less be able to take the whole shaft in, in order for the "rabbit" to reach your clit.  Yes, the vagina stretches a lot, but you should be able to comfortably enjoy your toys with your body the way it is.  Additionally, the length and style of the "rabbit" (or beaver or otter or dolphin, etc) should be a length and style that will suit you.  The rabbit in particular is good if you want those ears to fall on the sides of your clitoris.  If you actually want to make sure you get a "direct hit", you may want to buy one with a dolphin or whatever other design has one center piece that will center on your clit.  If you are not sure what would work out best for you, you may want to err towards a shorter shaft and a longer looking clit attachment.  Also, I don't really recommend the "triple prong" type, that has a second skinny shaft for your ass, because it's unlikely that you will be able to comfortably and adequately stimulate all three areas at the same time (but I'm sure some of you out there will disagree with me).

For myself, since I have a long vagina (around 7 inches deep), and I also have a clitoris which is unusually far away from the entrance of my vagina, I do prefer longer vibrators, but more importantly in this case I need a longer "rabbit", or it won't reach my clit, which defeats the purpose of buying a rabbit vibe.  A shorter shaft is not a big deal, since you can make your vagina shorter with positioning, or you may not even want to be banging against your cervix anyway.

Total toy length is 9.25", usable length of shaft is about 5.25", length of rabbit is about 3.5".  There is a clear, soft, squishy TPE coating over what looks like a black plastic egg on the rabbit and coin-like thin disks stacked making up most of the shaft.  A lot of these type of toy have metal or plastic "pearls" on the shaft, so this is a small twist on the theme.  These discs move when you turn the toy on.  Both the art on the toy's box and Toy's Heart's promo video seem to suggest with their arrows that the shaft moves up and down, but that's not the case, it's feels just like the normal pearls that move around, stimulating your vaginal walls.  Just like the pearl type, if you are clenching down really hard on the moving discs, the movement can slow down or temporarily lock up.  I've never been sure if this is a unintentional flaw or a planned flaw to protect the motor.

the arrow is a lie

Like the majority of rabbit-style vibrators, the controls are these up-and-down arrows that control separate motors for the shaft and clit attachment.  Both parts have 8 speeds/settings and since they are separate, you could have, say 0 on the shaft and 8 on the rabbit, or 7 on the shaft and 3 on the rabbit, however you like it.  You can slowly turn up the speeds as you play, if you want.  Small LEDs light up on the control box as you go up speeds, helpful if you need to check what speed you are on in the dark.

This toy is made from TPE - thermoplastic rubber polymer.  It doesn't have phthlates, and it's usually not very porous, but if you are sharing this toy or plan on using it anally, you should use a toy condom.  It can be cleaned with soap and water, or with a toy wipe in a pinch.  You can use either water-based or silicone lube with it.

Over Dvibe requires 4 AA batteries.  The one thing I really didn't like about this toy is how difficult it is to get the battery case back on after you have inserted the batteries.  It takes pressure to force it, basically, and not only is it difficult and time consuming, I am also concerned that I will eventually break the battery door into pieces, it is pretty thin.  It goes on by sliding on in a small channel.  Although the battery life isn't terrible, probably you will have to change out the batteries every 1-3 uses, so it's pretty often to deal with this hassle.  Especially on a fairly expensive toy.  I wouldn't mind if the base on these type of toys was a little bigger and the battery door being a simple 'pinch out, click in' type, like I have on my battery operated computer mouse, the gentle kind you don't have to worry about breaking a nail on. I also felt that the battery door wasn't 100% splash-proof and since it opens within a millimeter or two of the base of the toy, it makes it a little challenging to clean under the sink tap.

As for the performance, this Over Dvibe vibrator has really got some kick to it for a battery toy.  At top speed, the rabbit vibrates hard enough to please anyone.  I need a strong vibrator to get off, and strongly prefers 5 out of 5 strength toys and this was totally satisfying.  I would say it's a strong 4.  If you are more sensitive, you won't have to turn it up to top speed.

The shaft doesn't rotate at brutal speed or anything, it's meant to be relatively gentle and just sort of work in tandem with the sensations on your clit, not get you off by itself.  When you come, it will intensify and prolong your orgasm when it moves against your clenching muscles.  You may be able to come faster by clenching on it purposefully.  A lot of the "pearl" type cover a smaller portion of the shaft than this toy does, it will hit spots almost everywhere on your vaginal walls.  If not this toy, I would try to pick one out with as much coverage as possible, so you will be more likely to hit a good spot.

The packaging is very plain, and mostly small print all over the box.  There's a clear window big enough to show almost all of the toy.  No women on the box at all.  I cannot read kanji, so I don't know what most of it says, but there are some English words on there and helpful pictures of the toy.  As I said, there is a misleading picture and the word "piston" on the box that makes you think you are buying a thrusting toy, but it's not.  There are rabbit vibrators out there with thrusting, that mimic the pumping action of real intercourse, and even a very few with both thrusting and a small "pearl" area.

On the toy itself, in English are the words on, off, fast, slow, and standard arrows, so no problems understanding how the controls work.

Final Verdict - 4/5, performs solidly for a rabbit vibrator, but has room for improvement.

You may be able to still find this item if you're in Tokyo, or elsewhere in Japan.  I was not able to find any online vendors for this toy.  Sometimes and sell Toy's Heart toys, but they don't currently stock this one.  I generally like Japanese manufactured rabbit toys and think they are a smart purchase for better than average toy longevity and quality materials.

Speaking of buying sex toys in Japan, I wanted to share a little bit of my experience, as a non-asian American tourist.  I found it a little shocking and a lot exasperating that apparently it's normal in Japan for all areas of the store to be accessible for male customers, but that female customers are not allowed into some areas, like male masturbation aids.  I guess in Japan, women are not supposed to know about or buy such items for their husbands or boyfriends, but that it's perfectly fine for men to buy a vibrator for their woman.  I did not get a chance to ask though, so if anyone has any educated perspectives on this phenomenon - what's the dealio?  Is this to protect women, or men's privacy?

The stores are set up so that there is a category of items on each small floor with its own cashier.  The cashiers are there partially to make sure no minors get into the store, and presumably to police the men-only floors.  There a plenty of signs, including in English, telling you that under 18s are not allowed, what is on each floor and which floors are for men only, so you can't really pretend that you didn't know.

Here is one of the Akibahara adult stores - Love Merci

Rather than test the situation by walking to the next floor and seeing what happened, though I thought about it, since I generally try to be a inoffensive tourist, me and my female companion asked a cashier very nicely if we could please be allowed to shop in the men's area because it would be a once in a lifetime thing for us.  We were there in Japan with our men back home and really hoped to be able to surprise them with some naughty gifts.  The cashier was hesitant and flustered, but after making some calls, they said we could go up.  The Japanese are generally very into customer service and the cashier probably didn't want to present a bad image to us.  I didn't want to upset any customers up there, so I tried to shop and leave quickly and not get too close to any of them or stare.  Which, frankly, was pretty generous of me, since while I was looking at toys for women, men were not hesitating to brush up against me or stare at me.

There is M's store on the right, and Nex up ahead to the left.  They are all a short distance from the Akihabara station and easy to find.  Just regular folk picking up love pillows, dildos, and naughty nurse costumes.

Apart from some awkwardness, visiting the adult stores was quite fun.  The stores were large and you had a lot to select from, and mostly premium quality items.  Prices were not too different from the U.S. (apart from the nasty exchange rate anyway).  Japan is a great place to pick up thinner condoms and unique lubes (a lot of them seem more watery yet have better staying power and feeling) and sex-oriented bath products.  Although they are starting to catch on here in the U.S., "pussy in a cup" (example here) is very popular in Japan and you can see dozens and dozens of different ones here, including all the different Tenga items.


disclaimer - I purchased this item myself.  Opinions are my own and have no affiliation with Toy's Heart.

25 August, 2013

Review - Shunga Erotic Art - Arousal Gel - "Secret Garden" Female Orgasm Enhancing Cream

Note:  I started writing this review in 2011 and am posting it now for the sake of completion.  Babeland no longer sells this product, to my knowledge, and it is not clear to me whether Shunga is still an operating business.

However, there are still a number of sites selling this product.  It concerns me that they may be selling a product that is actually many years old.


The word Shunga refers to erotic Ukiyo-e Japanese art of the 16th to 18th centuries, one of the major historical roots of pornography and sex manuals today.  

Shunga Arousal Gel comes in a classy, thick black box with the image of a Geisha on the front.  On the back of the box, "gently apply with your fingertips to your secret garden," *eyeroll* My secret garden?  Really, Shunga?  Who are you trying to protect from the word clitoris here?  Is someone who is too delicate to read the word clit supposed to be buying a product like this? "and you will discover new sensations that will take you to the limits of the female orgasm..."

I open the box to be hit with a strong but pleasant minty scent, a small 1 ounce black bottle, instructions, and a warning card telling me that every woman is different and I may find the orgasm cream too strong or too weak on the first try.  I may need to rinse off the product right away if it's too much or I might need to apply it as many as 3 times to get any effect from it.  Interesting.  

The instructions, which are in English and French, include advertisements for other Shunga products, and go into slightly more detail about how to use Shunga Arousal Gel, specifying that it is for the clitoris, should be massaged throughly into what says under the clitoris, but I think they mean under the clitoral hood, and that I may need to apply 3 consecutive days if I don't feel sensations immediately.  I have to say that I really think the outer instructions should be more specific that it is for the clit and not meant to be a sex lube, because someone out there is probably going to think that "secret garden" is their vagina.  

The instructions specify that Shunga Arousal Gel is not for pregnant women, or women with genital herpes.  Ingredients include glycerine, l-arginine, l-ornithine, damiana, peppermint oil, vitamin E, and also, unfortunately, parabens.  Yeah, I'm not happy using a product with parabens on one of my most delicate and porous body areas.  Product made in Canada.

There are also several wording inconsistencies and misspellings on the packaging, instructions and bottle, which is a pet peeve of mine and does not inspire confidence.  The ingredient list on my package and the ingredient list on do not match. Babeland's ingredient list has capsicum, no parabens, and overall a healthier list of ingredients.  Babeland states that the product is not for internal use, and I agree that it's not a great idea, but Shunga does not have this written anywhere.  Shunga says their product may be used with a partner, but does not specify whether it is safe to use with condoms, or whether oral sex is safe after applying the product.  If you are prone to vaginal or urethral infections, I would recommend using this product with care, as some of the ingredients are irritants for some people.  

Technically, I believe this product is safe to use with a condom, however, I unfortunately couldn't not find any handy to test it on, since I haven't used one in a couple of years.  My guy and I have been monogamous for many years now and since I can't get pregnant anymore, I see no point in him wearing one, I hate them as much as I'm sure he does.

There is no silicone in this product, therefore it should be perfectly safe to use with all sex toys and dildos, however, again, I don't particularly recommend using this internally.  I'm sure some women might like it, but I personally have yet to really enjoy using any kind of warming or cooling lube, and if this gets into your vagina, it's basically going to feel like a cooling lube because of the peppermint oil. YMMV and it's your risk to take, but be aware you may experience unpleasant irritation, dryness, or infection later.

Going to the Shunga website, after some digging, I see that they state Shunga Orgasm Cream is edible, however their ingredient list seems to support the one I have listed with the box I received.

Test one, just seeing what the cream did on its own - I applied a nickel-size dollop of the clear gel onto my clit, lifting up the hood, and let it soak in for awhile.  I felt some tingling almost instantaneously, and frankly, my clit started feeling a little oversensitive and "bruised" in just a minute or two.  I also got wet quickly.  The tingling and sort of a "heavy" feeling in my clit lasted about 30 minutes.  Later on I masturbated and my clit still felt kinda bruised from the start, but I did come more quickly than usual.

Test two, [never completed.  Do not want to use a cream that is years old, for safety, at this point, sorry.]

I feel that Shunga needs to use less of their instruction page on adverts and more on important product information.  It should always be clear what a product is used for and what is safe and not safe.

Final Verdict - Indeterminable.  Did not test enough to feel comfortable giving a rating.

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Disclaimer - This product was provided to me as a Babeland Affiliate. However, all my reviews are completely thoughtful and honest.

Review - Shunga Divine Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss

Note:  I started this review in 2011.  It's probably a little pointless to post it now, but I figure better late than never.  I made the mistake of taking on a review item that I wasn't as interested in as I first thought - and I intend to think more carefully about assignments in the future.  

Babeland no longer sells Shunga products.  I'm not really clear if Shunga is still in business.  The market is more flooded with these kind of tingling minty lip products than before, so I still believe this product is a bad value.


Shunga is a Canadian sex aid company that specializes in classy couple-centric items.  The word Shunga refers to erotic Ukiyo-e Japanese art of the 16th to 18th centuries, an important precursor of pornography and sex manuals today. 

Divine Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss, a "little Geisha's secret," is meant to "sensitize and excite both the male and female intimate areas" and help kickstart orgasms with its "warming-cooling effect".  Ideally, after one puts the gloss on, you can indulge in a tingly kiss with your partner and then you can both go down on each other and sensitize each other's naughty bits.  Obviously, this would work great for "69".  

I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work marvelously for a pairing of any two genders (or even more people).  I wonder if Shunga couldn't reach more customers by making it a more unisex, purely mint lip cream/balm in less girly packaging?

Babeland describes the lip gloss as "strawberries and champagne", but I think it smells more like strawberry bubblegum, and tastes like that, with a pepper and mint edge.  It's not unpleasant, which is good since you're going to be eating this stuff, essentially.

As makeup, it disappears quickly and is like a lot of other tingling, lip-plumping lip glosses.  It is just as smooth as tacky, texture-wise, at first, but becomes more tacky over time.  The moisturizing qualities are better than average for this type.  It is neither the worst, not the least tingling I've ever tried, but it is the most expensive by far (although I did not pay for this item, I mean comparatively by what I've paid before).  There is a one dollar lip gloss out there that is more tingly if that's what you're looking for, but if you are looking for a gift for someone else, then this product offers much classier packaging.

Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss comes in a lovely black paper box with the image of a Geisha and her client kissing in Ukiyo-e art style, and a magnet closure.  It's very attractive and tasteful.  The gloss is nestled in a lovely inset, and the bottle itself, clear, black, and gold, is also classy.  It's twice as much gloss as many other companies offer.  It is fairly intense, and manages to linger a surprisingly long amount of time.  

Since it's not as intense as a couple of other similar glosses I've tried, that can actually be a good thing if that means there is less drying peppermint oil in it, or more buffering moisturizers, since it might be going onto various delicate bits of skin.  Some glosses leave your lips dryer and more chapped than before you put it on, but this one is not bad.

I agree with this other blogger, that it's off-putting to use a product with a lot of unrecognizable ingredients.  They could all be harmless, but you wouldn't know unless you did a ton of research.

As a couples-oriented sex aid, I think that if you ask a lot of guys if they want to put on some lip gloss, even to get some nooky, they will be reluctant.  A lot of men don't like makeup products, even to see or feel on their girlfriend or wife.  My husband is like that, and he is also very sensitive to strong scents.  He's also vehemently opposed to combining food and sex.  So, this was a non-starter.  And many women feel the same way.  

But if you and your partner like getting messy, you can make each other tingle at all the erogenous zones and make oral sex more adventurous.

As a solo sex aid, tingling lips is somewhat arousing.  It could be rubbed on the nipples, or the clit, as well, but unless it is licked or rubbed off completely before penetration, I would personally be concerned about any potential chemical reaction with this gloss and your toys, because this really isn't an appropriate lube, or getting this inside the vagina or urethra, where it could potentially be irritating or trigger an infection.

Rating:  3/5.  Shunga, I would consider marking the price down a little on this item, you just don't have anything different enough to offer with your tingling lipgloss that justifies the cost to a cost-conscious buyer, and you might sell more of them if it wasn't such a huge price jump from comparative products.

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Disclaimer - This product was provided to me as a Babeland Affiliate. However, all my reviews are completely thoughtful and honest.

24 August, 2013

Review - Soft On Demand (SOD) Mobile Denma cell phone strap vibrator

Soft On Demand (SOD), a major adult product manufacturer in Japan, has made a cell phone charm sized vibrator that is equal parts joke and ingenuity, I think.  Ever wish you could carry a convenient vibrator in your pocket wherever you go?  Mobile Denma can help you out for your emergency sexual health needs.

This massager/vibrator is very small.  The smallest one I've ever seen.  It can be attached to a cell phone or bag, etc, with the lanyard that comes with it, either just the massager, or the massager inside the "pill" case it also comes with.  The pill look to the whole package, including the adorable "plus sign" on/off button, reinforces the toy's intended "for your health" image.  With the pill case, it just looks like a random dangly phone strap charm, so no one will know you are actually carrying a vibrator with you everywhere.

Mobile Denma with iPhone and quarter

Mobile Denma size as compared to rabbit vibrator

I bought this because I thought it was cute, funny, and also out of curiosity of how powerful could this little toy actually be?

Well, it's got a bigger kick than you would think, surprisingly effective, possibly due to the motor being 12,500 rpm (cannot confirm, but that is what several web sources said).  I think if you are a more sensitive person, you could most likely orgasm with this thing.  It's actually a little more effective than some cheap bullet vibrators I've used.  Maybe a 2 out of 5 on the buzz scale.

However, I think the main function of SOD Mobile Denma is as a teaser toy, something to run over sensitive body parts like the lips, neck, nipples, vulva, clit, etc, in order to tease and warm-up yourself or your partner, before other sexual activity or using another, stronger, toy.  This toy is far too small to be used on any orifices.  It is absolutely not safe for anal use.

Although it may be carried in public, it can't really be used in public, even to massage your temples or something, since it's obnoxiously loud, unfortunately.  Not the loud vibrator ever, but it's definitely not quiet.  The batteries rattle a little in the casing.  I have found that a lot of "hard plastic" type vibrators have this problem.  Around a 3 or 4 out of 5 on the loudness scale.

The massager runs off of 2 LR44 coin batteries, which lasts for approximately 30 minutes of continuous use.

I am not sure of the exact material, but this is made out of some kind of smooth, hard plastic - nonporous but cannot be totally sterilized.  If you think you might like to widely share this toy, consider just using it over clothing.  Any lube could be used with this toy, but you probably won't need to use any.

Mobile Denma is not waterproof.  I would suggest cleaning with a damp washcloth or antibacterial wipe, and never attempting to immerse in water or take into the shower.

Final Verdict: 2/5, not a must-have, but a fun conversation piece, a cheap gag gift, or something to try out as a teaser. 

Among other places, SOD Mobile Denma may be purchased at, in black, pink, purple, or lime green.

Disclaimer - This item was purchased solely by me.  I am not affiliated with SOD or J-List in any way and am not receiving compensation for this review.