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18 April, 2011

Review - Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream

Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream, from the Organic Chocolate Spa Treatments line from Seattle-based Sweet Beauty, is a truly delightful treat for all you chocoholics out there!  Organic, All-Natural, Paraben-Free, Silicone-Free, Phthalate-Free, Sulfate-Free, No Artificial Fragrances.  Deep moisturize with grapefruit seed oil, shea butter, cupuacu butter, babassu seed oil, and organic fair trade cocoa.  This does contain glycerin.

Chocolate Body Cream is very intensely chocolate scented.  It has a fairly strong scent even before you open the jar!  Once you open it, it's like being in a chocolate factory.  It's a deep, sugary milk chocolate scent that reminds me of a Cadbury chocolate bar the most.  Sweet Beauty describes this product as dark chocolate, but I eat dark chocolate almost exclusively and I think it smells much more like milk chocolate, even though the ingredients may more closely resemble dark chocolate.

Thankfully, I think, for most of us, the scent is curiously much less intense after it is applied to the skin.  Although I suspect it depends on how much you apply.  It absorbs very well and reasonably quickly for such a thick and rich body cream, and leaves only a tantalizing hint of chocolate on the body.  You have to work a little to rub it on, due to the thickness, but it does not leave an oily sheen.  A little goes a long way, as well.  The scent lasts for hours.

The "spa treatment" label holds up in this body cream.  These are excellent ingredients for repairing severe dryness with repeat use, and it's a truly indulgent and sensual scent.  You can get the spa experience at home for much less money, over and over again.  Chocolate has phytonutrients.  Cupuacu butter helps you retain moisture, preventing wrinkles and aiding skin elasticity and regeneration.  Grapeseed oil is astringent and great for acne-prone skin.

And guys?  I'm sure you are going to think this product is not for you, but I think you should rethink the stereotype and really give some thought to trying Chocolate Body Cream on your body.  The scent is pretty unisex, actually.  Although there are floral ingredients in the cream, you can't make them out, rather, I would say they add complexity to the chocolate scent.  Are you going on a hot date?  Night out at the strip club?  Long weekend with your partner?  Swingers' event?  Whoever you are trying to seduce will appreciate this unique and sexy scent.  Probably a lot more than drenching yourself in a chemical cocktail with a high budget commercial.

Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream has a 6 month shelf life due to its lack of chemical preservants and should be stored in a cool, dark place.  It is available in both a 2oz and 8oz jar, and you may also be interested in checking out the massage oil version.

Final Verdict:  5/5, love it!  Check this awesome body cream out!  I am definitely going to buy this later, and recommend it.  It's not any more expensive than, say, a boutique beauty shop at the mall, and the ingredients are top-notch, with real substance rather than fluff and fakery.

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Disclaimer - This product was provided to me as a Babeland Affiliate. However, all my reviews are completely thoughtful and honest.

11 April, 2011

Review - Burning Desire Massage Candle Set @ Babeland

Babeland's Burning Desire massage candle set is the first massage candle I've ever used. I have mixed feelings about it.  Although it would make an elegant and tasteful gift, it did not work for me personally.

Photo of Burning Desire SetPhoto of Burning Desire Set

The set is elegantly packaged, mostly in French, although all the essential English is there (also, the included directions are in quite a number of languages).  The Burning Desire set includes a 1.7 oz candle in a black painted clay holder having some decent heft to it (and a cheap but effective plastic cap to keep the candle clean), a pack of plenty of matches, and 2 "invisible love cards".  Also some hysterically overblown directions - YESforLOV invites you to the dance of pleasure, your hands tend me like precious embers, awaken the magic, etc.  Some eco-conscious people might consider the packaging wastefully elaborate.

Be really careful with the matches, they burn quickly!  Even after blowing one out, the wood was still red for a second.  I recommend lighting the candle some place more flame-resistant, like the bathroom counter, and throwing the used match someplace also flame-resistant, or wetting it down thoroughly first.

I decided to try out the set with a post-coital massage for my man.  The instructions say to light the candle for 10 minutes and then pour into your hand or directly onto your partner.  I am not sure if it's because it's still a little chilly, and so the container was a bit cold and could possibly have worked against the melting, but it actually took more than 20 minutes for the candle to melt to my satisfaction.  However, YMMV.  Somewhat to my surprise, I believe there are at least 3 "servings" of oil in this candle, so you can get more than one use out of it.  You definitely have enough to that you can both give each other a generous full-body massage if you want, at the very least.  To be clear, even with waiting about twice as long as the directions advised, the candle still only melted down about an inch or a little less, so you would have to melt some, then pour, then wait again, and so forth.

While the candle was burning, we both tried out the cards, which did not say anything particularly interesting, IMO, but the cards themselves were fun, you had to wave them over the flame slowly, and pretty close to the flames, while the messages slowly appeared.  Shortly after taking them away from the fire, they went opaque again, so read fast!  It was an interesting novelty, but I wish the set came with more cards, and that the messages were more specific, maybe some sex tips or positions to try, rather than something "romantic".

Also, a little goes a long way with this oil, which was extremely thick and greasy.  It definitely feels a little like candle wax even after it is totally melted.  I am more accustomed to thin, oily massage oils, so this was a bit startling to me, and I have concerns that this massage oil could provoke acne.  I would recommend not leaving it on and planning on taking a shower within a couple of hours of using this oil, if you have acne-prone skin.  If you don't have sensitive skin, you might like that this oil is so emollient and rich.

There was no problem with pouring the oil on my partner as soon as I blew out the flame, it cools down almost instantly and never got very hot.  It is not super-drippy, thick enough to only puddle and run down a little, though I put down a towel to be cautious.

My man seemed impressed with the massage oil, he liked the subtly musky, sexy unisex scent, which was not too overpowering (he hates strong scents).  It is not a girly scent at all.  I myself think it is a unique and sexy scent, and the thing about this set that I most enjoyed.

He stated that it felt like my hand movements were magnified for the first few minutes, which felt really amazing, and then the effect diminished over time as the oil cooled more and dried out a little.  It was not the kind of oil that feels more slippery with massaging, rather it becomes harder to work with and you become aware of how thick it is.  I think this oil is best suited to a slow, leisurely, sensual massage, rather than a vigorous one.

On my part, it oil washed off my hands fairly easily, although the scent lingered on quite strongly even afterward.  My guy said he had to scrub a little with soap to get it off, and it wasn't super easy but not very troublesome either.

Ultimately, I give the Burning Desire Set a 3/5, this product did not quite suit my preferences,  I felt like I had to struggle to make it a good massage because it was a little too thick and didn't spread well over time, and the set seems like a somewhat poor value for someone on a budget.  I would prefer more traditional massage oil for giving massages.  Also, I would prefer a real candle that burns just a little bit hotter, if I wanted to enjoy some wax play.  I enjoyed trying out this product, however, and I'm sure it would suit other people a lot more than myself.  The set would be great for someone looking for an indulgent, romantic gift, who loves the "cheesy" kind of language all over this set, or who would enjoy very "safe" wax play, or who really enjoys getting or giving slow, deep massages.

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I may follow up later from the flipside, with me getting the massage and him giving it.

Disclaimer - This product was provided to me as a Babeland Affiliate. However, all my reviews are completely thoughtful and honest.

10 April, 2011

Review - Sliquid Oceanics Lubricant

Sliquid Oceanics, botanically infused, water-based natural lubricant with carrageenan (shown in some lab tests to help prevent the spread of HPV), nori, and wakame (moisturizing).  Hypoallergenic, PH neutral, non-staining, vegan, mostly organic, no parabens, no glycerine, no animal testing, and made in the USA.  Additional ingredients include aloe, vitamin E, hibiscus (moisturizing and soothing), flax (healing), alfalfa, green tea (anti-inflammatory), and sunflower seed.  (see also Sliquid's information sheet on this product, if you have any remaining concerns)  It is plastic type 1, so should be recyclable in most cities.  This is one classy lube, people! ;)

The bottle is elegant and tasteful, and does not look like a sex product at all on first glance.  You could leave it on your bedstand and most people would probably think it was fancy lotion.  It's a squeeze bottle, so, not as easy as a pump, but you're more likely to get every last drop out of the bottle.

I am a fan of Sliquid products and I was excited to try this one out, since it sounded very body-friendly.  Let's see how it stacks up!  It has virtually no scent, if you sniff deeply, there is just a clean, slightly soapy smell.  It tastes like plastic, not too pleasant, and I would not recommend this for oral sex.  It is a fairly thin lube, but maintains a decently thick, even coating, and I think it mimics natural female lubrication very well!  It's a little bit sticky, like natural girl lube, as well.

As a water-based lube, it can be used with anything - flesh, silicone, glass, metal, latex, etc, and it washes up with ease.  Even just wiping it off worked surprisingly well as a temporary measure, if you plan on washing up later, it came off pretty easily, did not leave me feeling sticky at all, and it blended in with my natural fluids better than any other lube I have ever tried.  It it not prone to dripping everywhere and stays where you put it.

For those of you looking for a really natural feel, for vaginal sex, I think Sliquid Oceanics would be a wonderful lube to try.  I will definitely be preferring this as a sex lube in the future because it doesn't dry out quickly combined with my natural wetness, it just makes for a great boost when I need it, and it has a really great feel compared to most other lubes that I have tried in the past (which is quite a few, of all types).  This is also a good pick for health/medical needs because of the light, natural feel.

It would work for anal sex as well, but maybe not for a beginner, or for a larger toy or very girthy penis or fisting, or whatnot, you would probably want a thicker lube in that case.  Sliquid Oceanics simply did not seem spectacularly slick or thick to me, and thus not suitable for every single occasion where I would need lube, but superior in some respects.  Oceanics may be the best choice for outdoor sex and other non-home locations since it doesn't leave you feeling like you need to scrub it off immediately.

I used this with the Octopussy dildo, which I will be reviewing soon, and it was not quite thick enough to slick-up this toy, which is fairly thick and very bumpy, as well as I would like.

Ultimately, I give this lube a 4 out of 5!  It is uber-natural, has a great viscosity, and is suitable to most sexual occasions.

Sliquid Oceanics also appears to be very similar to Babeland Natural.

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Disclaimer - This product was provided to me as a Babeland Affiliate. However, all my reviews are completely thoughtful and honest.