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25 August, 2013

Review - Shunga Divine Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss

Note:  I started this review in 2011.  It's probably a little pointless to post it now, but I figure better late than never.  I made the mistake of taking on a review item that I wasn't as interested in as I first thought - and I intend to think more carefully about assignments in the future.  

Babeland no longer sells Shunga products.  I'm not really clear if Shunga is still in business.  The market is more flooded with these kind of tingling minty lip products than before, so I still believe this product is a bad value.


Shunga is a Canadian sex aid company that specializes in classy couple-centric items.  The word Shunga refers to erotic Ukiyo-e Japanese art of the 16th to 18th centuries, an important precursor of pornography and sex manuals today. 

Divine Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss, a "little Geisha's secret," is meant to "sensitize and excite both the male and female intimate areas" and help kickstart orgasms with its "warming-cooling effect".  Ideally, after one puts the gloss on, you can indulge in a tingly kiss with your partner and then you can both go down on each other and sensitize each other's naughty bits.  Obviously, this would work great for "69".  

I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work marvelously for a pairing of any two genders (or even more people).  I wonder if Shunga couldn't reach more customers by making it a more unisex, purely mint lip cream/balm in less girly packaging?

Babeland describes the lip gloss as "strawberries and champagne", but I think it smells more like strawberry bubblegum, and tastes like that, with a pepper and mint edge.  It's not unpleasant, which is good since you're going to be eating this stuff, essentially.

As makeup, it disappears quickly and is like a lot of other tingling, lip-plumping lip glosses.  It is just as smooth as tacky, texture-wise, at first, but becomes more tacky over time.  The moisturizing qualities are better than average for this type.  It is neither the worst, not the least tingling I've ever tried, but it is the most expensive by far (although I did not pay for this item, I mean comparatively by what I've paid before).  There is a one dollar lip gloss out there that is more tingly if that's what you're looking for, but if you are looking for a gift for someone else, then this product offers much classier packaging.

Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss comes in a lovely black paper box with the image of a Geisha and her client kissing in Ukiyo-e art style, and a magnet closure.  It's very attractive and tasteful.  The gloss is nestled in a lovely inset, and the bottle itself, clear, black, and gold, is also classy.  It's twice as much gloss as many other companies offer.  It is fairly intense, and manages to linger a surprisingly long amount of time.  

Since it's not as intense as a couple of other similar glosses I've tried, that can actually be a good thing if that means there is less drying peppermint oil in it, or more buffering moisturizers, since it might be going onto various delicate bits of skin.  Some glosses leave your lips dryer and more chapped than before you put it on, but this one is not bad.

I agree with this other blogger, that it's off-putting to use a product with a lot of unrecognizable ingredients.  They could all be harmless, but you wouldn't know unless you did a ton of research.

As a couples-oriented sex aid, I think that if you ask a lot of guys if they want to put on some lip gloss, even to get some nooky, they will be reluctant.  A lot of men don't like makeup products, even to see or feel on their girlfriend or wife.  My husband is like that, and he is also very sensitive to strong scents.  He's also vehemently opposed to combining food and sex.  So, this was a non-starter.  And many women feel the same way.  

But if you and your partner like getting messy, you can make each other tingle at all the erogenous zones and make oral sex more adventurous.

As a solo sex aid, tingling lips is somewhat arousing.  It could be rubbed on the nipples, or the clit, as well, but unless it is licked or rubbed off completely before penetration, I would personally be concerned about any potential chemical reaction with this gloss and your toys, because this really isn't an appropriate lube, or getting this inside the vagina or urethra, where it could potentially be irritating or trigger an infection.

Rating:  3/5.  Shunga, I would consider marking the price down a little on this item, you just don't have anything different enough to offer with your tingling lipgloss that justifies the cost to a cost-conscious buyer, and you might sell more of them if it wasn't such a huge price jump from comparative products.

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Disclaimer - This product was provided to me as a Babeland Affiliate. However, all my reviews are completely thoughtful and honest.

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