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24 August, 2013

Review - Soft On Demand (SOD) Mobile Denma cell phone strap vibrator

Soft On Demand (SOD), a major adult product manufacturer in Japan, has made a cell phone charm sized vibrator that is equal parts joke and ingenuity, I think.  Ever wish you could carry a convenient vibrator in your pocket wherever you go?  Mobile Denma can help you out for your emergency sexual health needs.

This massager/vibrator is very small.  The smallest one I've ever seen.  It can be attached to a cell phone or bag, etc, with the lanyard that comes with it, either just the massager, or the massager inside the "pill" case it also comes with.  The pill look to the whole package, including the adorable "plus sign" on/off button, reinforces the toy's intended "for your health" image.  With the pill case, it just looks like a random dangly phone strap charm, so no one will know you are actually carrying a vibrator with you everywhere.

Mobile Denma with iPhone and quarter

Mobile Denma size as compared to rabbit vibrator

I bought this because I thought it was cute, funny, and also out of curiosity of how powerful could this little toy actually be?

Well, it's got a bigger kick than you would think, surprisingly effective, possibly due to the motor being 12,500 rpm (cannot confirm, but that is what several web sources said).  I think if you are a more sensitive person, you could most likely orgasm with this thing.  It's actually a little more effective than some cheap bullet vibrators I've used.  Maybe a 2 out of 5 on the buzz scale.

However, I think the main function of SOD Mobile Denma is as a teaser toy, something to run over sensitive body parts like the lips, neck, nipples, vulva, clit, etc, in order to tease and warm-up yourself or your partner, before other sexual activity or using another, stronger, toy.  This toy is far too small to be used on any orifices.  It is absolutely not safe for anal use.

Although it may be carried in public, it can't really be used in public, even to massage your temples or something, since it's obnoxiously loud, unfortunately.  Not the loud vibrator ever, but it's definitely not quiet.  The batteries rattle a little in the casing.  I have found that a lot of "hard plastic" type vibrators have this problem.  Around a 3 or 4 out of 5 on the loudness scale.

The massager runs off of 2 LR44 coin batteries, which lasts for approximately 30 minutes of continuous use.

I am not sure of the exact material, but this is made out of some kind of smooth, hard plastic - nonporous but cannot be totally sterilized.  If you think you might like to widely share this toy, consider just using it over clothing.  Any lube could be used with this toy, but you probably won't need to use any.

Mobile Denma is not waterproof.  I would suggest cleaning with a damp washcloth or antibacterial wipe, and never attempting to immerse in water or take into the shower.

Final Verdict: 2/5, not a must-have, but a fun conversation piece, a cheap gag gift, or something to try out as a teaser. 

Among other places, SOD Mobile Denma may be purchased at, in black, pink, purple, or lime green.

Disclaimer - This item was purchased solely by me.  I am not affiliated with SOD or J-List in any way and am not receiving compensation for this review.

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