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18 April, 2011

Review - Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream

Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream, from the Organic Chocolate Spa Treatments line from Seattle-based Sweet Beauty, is a truly delightful treat for all you chocoholics out there!  Organic, All-Natural, Paraben-Free, Silicone-Free, Phthalate-Free, Sulfate-Free, No Artificial Fragrances.  Deep moisturize with grapefruit seed oil, shea butter, cupuacu butter, babassu seed oil, and organic fair trade cocoa.  This does contain glycerin.

Chocolate Body Cream is very intensely chocolate scented.  It has a fairly strong scent even before you open the jar!  Once you open it, it's like being in a chocolate factory.  It's a deep, sugary milk chocolate scent that reminds me of a Cadbury chocolate bar the most.  Sweet Beauty describes this product as dark chocolate, but I eat dark chocolate almost exclusively and I think it smells much more like milk chocolate, even though the ingredients may more closely resemble dark chocolate.

Thankfully, I think, for most of us, the scent is curiously much less intense after it is applied to the skin.  Although I suspect it depends on how much you apply.  It absorbs very well and reasonably quickly for such a thick and rich body cream, and leaves only a tantalizing hint of chocolate on the body.  You have to work a little to rub it on, due to the thickness, but it does not leave an oily sheen.  A little goes a long way, as well.  The scent lasts for hours.

The "spa treatment" label holds up in this body cream.  These are excellent ingredients for repairing severe dryness with repeat use, and it's a truly indulgent and sensual scent.  You can get the spa experience at home for much less money, over and over again.  Chocolate has phytonutrients.  Cupuacu butter helps you retain moisture, preventing wrinkles and aiding skin elasticity and regeneration.  Grapeseed oil is astringent and great for acne-prone skin.

And guys?  I'm sure you are going to think this product is not for you, but I think you should rethink the stereotype and really give some thought to trying Chocolate Body Cream on your body.  The scent is pretty unisex, actually.  Although there are floral ingredients in the cream, you can't make them out, rather, I would say they add complexity to the chocolate scent.  Are you going on a hot date?  Night out at the strip club?  Long weekend with your partner?  Swingers' event?  Whoever you are trying to seduce will appreciate this unique and sexy scent.  Probably a lot more than drenching yourself in a chemical cocktail with a high budget commercial.

Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream has a 6 month shelf life due to its lack of chemical preservants and should be stored in a cool, dark place.  It is available in both a 2oz and 8oz jar, and you may also be interested in checking out the massage oil version.

Final Verdict:  5/5, love it!  Check this awesome body cream out!  I am definitely going to buy this later, and recommend it.  It's not any more expensive than, say, a boutique beauty shop at the mall, and the ingredients are top-notch, with real substance rather than fluff and fakery.

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Disclaimer - This product was provided to me as a Babeland Affiliate. However, all my reviews are completely thoughtful and honest.

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