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20 November, 2011

Review - Tenga Double Hole Sleeve Masturbator

Tenga often gives me a wicked case of penis envy.  Just looking at their innovative disposable male masturbation sleeves makes me die of curiosity of what they feel like to a penis.  Alas, I don't have one, even just to borrow now and again, so this review is from my husband.

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My initial reaction to the Tenga Double Hole Sleeve was "Why does this exist?"  But on giving the product a spin (perhaps "thrust" is a better term), I came around (no pun intended) and found that the variety added quite a bit to the masturbation experience.

If you've never used a Tenga sleeve, it is a cylinder about 6 inches long and 3 inches in diameter.  There's a hole at the end.  Penis goes in the hole (lube recommended), and the rest comes naturally (pun intended).  The gimmick to the Double Hole Sleeve is that there are two holes, one at either end.  The "Sweet Side" is lined with nubs that provide a subtle effect.  It's not a highly realistic simulation of a vagina, but it still feels very good.  The "Bitter Side" is tighter and ribbed, providing a more intense experience.  The effect of the ribs is definitely not subtle, but it's not so tight as to be uncomfortable.

My initial doubts came from wondering whether the two sides would serve a purpose--after all, wouldn't I just stick with one side, or use two different masturbation aids?  But the two-in-one approach worked well--it's quick to switch sides (withdraw, flip the sleeve around, and get back to business), which added variety and helped prolong the experience.  While the packaging implies this is a threesome simulator, it's not all that realistic.  But real women aren't six inch long cylinders, so I wasn't looking for a precise simulation.  The two sides are well designed for the trip to Happytown.

Tenga Double Hole Cup Masturbator

The trip to Happytown isn't without bumps, however.  First, a sleeve like this is messy.  You'll want to use lube--although the sleeve comes pre-lubricated, it's not an overwhelming amount, and it dries eventually.  I'm a neat freak, so I spread out a towel (washing the bedspread is a pain) and make sure to have some towels or tissues nearby to wipe my hands.  If you've taken the cap off both sides of the sleeve, you'll be pushing some lube out through one end, which contributes to the messiness.

Speaking of pushing things out through the other end, I also had an encounter with what I call "Creepy Tenga Foam".  There were two small pieces of foam that came out mid-wank.  While not too disgusting, lube-coated foam is not a turn-on.  The foam also presents an opportunity for hilarity during cleanup--trying to pick up slippery foam while lubricated hands produces all sorts of comic hijinks.

If you're concerned about being discreet, be aware that there's no mistaking what this product is for on close inspection.  The label includes icons in the universal language of "this is a masturbation device meant to simulate a threesome".  It's not so obvious that it screams out across a room, but anyone who takes a look will figure out what this is for.

Final Verdict:  4 / 5  This sleeve does its job well, and the two sides provide a fun novelty.  It has some of the flaws I haven't liked about other Tenga sleeves (creepy foam, only intended for one use), but the overall experience was positive.

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